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Our Story

The owner- Dave- had started looking for a property with enough acreage for his parents perfect retirement home. They had given him so much over the years that he wanted to give something back to them.


He found the property, now- Alluring Acres- and fell in love with it and the surroundings instantly.


When he went to a friends wedding down in the Madison area and found out how much it was for his friend to rent the venue for their barn themed wedding and he was appalled that his friend would have to take out a 2nd mortgage to pay for the most important day of his life. With this in the back of his head, Alluring Acres was developed and planned to be a more reasonable place that was just as beautiful. This was to make sure that every couple that booked with us was not under a vast amount of stress leading up to their special day, and even more stress after the bill came.

At Alluring Acres we do our absolute best to make sure that your vision of your special day is exactly as you would picture it!

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